Where Can You Find Self Storage in Chicago?

Chicago River View

Chicago is one of the greatest cities you can live in the United States. Each of the 77 neighborhoods in Chicago offers its own unique vibe, culture, history, and attractions. The Windy City sits right on Lake Michigan, and you might not know this but it has some beautiful beaches come summertime. Yes, the winters can be rough, but the warmer months more than make up for it. You should also know that you are going to be using a lot of public transportation if you live and work in Chicago.

Do You Need Self Storage in Chicago?

Chances are if you live in Chicago, you will live in an apartment or townhouse, so you may not have a lot of space to keep your belongings. The average studio apartment in Chicago will cost you just over $1,000. A one-bedroom or two-bedroom will cost you much more. While this is better than many other cities, living in Chicago isn’t exactly cheap, so you might need to put some of your goods in self storage in Chicago.

We love the idea of self storage units because you control your living space without having to worry about getting rid of all of your things. You have probably been to an apartment or home that was filled with so much stuff, you weren’t sure how the person was able to find anything. Simplify your life by investing in self store units in Chicago. You can even rent a temperature controlled self storage unit if you would like to store any electronics, antiques, or other valuables you want to make sure stay safe.

The Lock Up Self Storage in Wrigleyville, Avondale, Bucktown, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, River North, and South Evanston are all good options depending on where you live in Chicago. The Lock Up Self Storage in Wrigleyville is family-owned and offers customers the highest level of security for their valuables. If you are thinking about moving to Chicago and need to store some of your stuff, we would highly encourage to check out the Lock Up Self Storage closest to you.


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